New Product Development


In order to maintain innovative, leading edge engineered composite materials, Interface Performance Materials draws on the expertise of our New Product Development Team. Our dedicated chemists, engineers and material scientists are focused on new and creative materials to deliver unique solutions to a broad range of customer needs. We are constantly searching for new technologies and utilize technology partnerships in order to rapidly develop new product ideas.

New product development at Interface Performance Materials is driven by three relentless passions:

  1. To completely understand the needs of our customers.
  2. To develop innovative materials to meet those needs.
  3. To utilize state-of-the-art methods to verify performance and that the needs will be met.

Knowing speed-to-market needs to be a core competence in today’s business environment, our Development Teams use an open-development process that provides the flexibility to draw on cross-functional resources internally and externally. It's a proven method that solves development challenges in the most efficient manner.

By aligning ourselves to the Voice of the Customer and current industry trends we maintain a constant flow of ideas and projects through our new product development funnel.