Metal and Metal Laminates

Global leadership in material development enables Interface Performance Materials to provide a range of metal and custom laminated materials, suitable for high-performance applications. Our metal solutions have excellent mechanical strength and stability, are corrosion resistant and perform well under extreme conditions. Our laminates have excellent sealing characteristics, erosion resistance and competitive pricing. Interface laminates support end user initiatives for weight reduction, smaller packaging requirements, decreased tooling costs and more.

Expanded Metal Core

Designed for elevated temperature and dynamically stressed joints using composite facings chemically and mechanically fused to a steel core.

Mechanically Clad Composite (MCC)

Composite core material engineered for high temperature, hot gas applications up to 750°C (1,400°F).

Mechanically Bonded Fiber (MBF)

Composite blend with inorganic filler performs in hot gas applications up to 650°C (1,200°F).

Mechanically Bonded Graphite (MBG)

Expanded graphite facings with a tin-plated steel core for hot gas applications of 550°C (1,000°F) and higher.

Single & Multiple Layer Embossed

Realize excellent thermal stability and chemical inertness in exhaust system applications up to 900°C (1,650°F).