Power Sports & Recreational Vehicle

For power sports, recreational vehicles and boats, Interface Performance Materials has the gasket and thermal-shielding expertise to create a dependable solution.

We're a leading provider of head-gasket solutions for small engines in ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and personal water craft. Our metal laminate products with a graphite core material combine excellent compressibility and resilience to provide outstanding bolt load retention and heat resistance. And for sealing carburetors, cases and other gasket applications, our fiber gasket, gasket materials, and rubber edged composite solutions provide cost-effective static seals that ensure long-term performance.

Because small engines generate high-temperature exhaust, we also offer thermal shielding solutions to help OEMs meet the latest ISO standards limiting outside-surface temperatures from tail pipes and mufflers. To create a competitive design that delivers the durability, speed and comfort that users demand, go with the broad experience of Interface Performance Materials.