Industrial and Manufacturing

Industry-Leading Experience. Application Expertise.

With over 100 years of experience in engineering and innovating materials, Interface Performance Materials provides optimal solutions for a diverse range of applications — including electrical barriers, manufacturing processes, industrial MRO and metal processing. Our rigorous testing procedures, along with in-field use trials, provide validation of robust solutions that meet or exceed exacting requirements.

Electrical Barrier

Get UL-certified electrical-barrier materials with specific properties that fulfill strict electrical, thermal and fire-resistance requirements.

Manufacturing Processes

Meet manufacturing requirements for printing presses, printed-circuit-board fabrication and other manufacturing processes involving calender bowls and press pads.

Industrial Maintenance and Repair Operations

Use our proven industrial gasket materials for pipe-flange gaskets in power-generation, chemical-processing, refinery and naval piping.

Metal Processing

Apply strong, thin, dense millboard materials made from mineral and ceramic fibers for casting-mold seals, refractory splash guards and conveyor roll covers.