Consumer Products

For consumer products used indoors, on land and on water, Interface Performance Materials provides leading sealing and thermal solutions. Small engines, pumps and generators can encounter high loading, high temperatures, confined spaces, exposure to water or combustible dust — all factors that must be handled with cost-effective sealing solutions that don't compromise on performance.

Interface Performance Materials provides the application engineering support to find the optimum solution — or to customize material based on application knowledge not available from typical fabricators.

For mowers and riding equipment in the competitive lawn and garden market, Interface Performance Materials gives you an edge with our gasket and thermal-shielding expertise.

As the largest supplier of head-gasket solutions for lawn and garden equipment, our experience with small engines is unrivaled. OEMs use our durable fiber-composite gasket and gasket materials to provide a cost-effective static seal that ensures long-term performance.

Because small engines generate high-temperature exhaust, we also offer thermal shielding solutions to help OEMs meet the latest ISO standards limiting outside-surface temperatures.

Typical applications include:

  • portable and standby generators
  • pressure washers
  • mowers
  • riding equipment
  • and even garden tillers