Industries We Serve

Because of our broad experience, Interface Performance Materials can engineer and specify materials that handle diverse applications, including light-vehicle, commercial-vehicle, off-highway vehicle, power sports- and recreational-vehicles and consumer products.

Light Vehicle

Optimize powertrain performance, boost fuel economy and increase interior space with high-performance materials that make components more durable, lighter and quieter.

Commercial Vehicle

Create cost-effective gaskets for engines, transmissions and axles with our proven fiber-composite gasket solutions.

Off Highway

Find the right material solution for sealing engines, transmissions and axles against heat exhaust and for sound damping and vibration control.

Power Sports & Recreational Vehicle

Get head-gasket solutions for small engines and for thermal shielding of tail pipes and mufflers.

Consumer Products

Handle high loading, high temperatures, confined spaces and exposure to water or combustible dust with advanced sealing and thermal solutions for small engines, pumps and generators.

Aftermarket Products

Sell cost-conscious and quality-focused consumers with replacement gaskets equal to the OEM part.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Meet demanding requirements with our expertise and solutions for electrical barriers, manufacturing processes and metal processing.