Common Applications

Transmissions, engines, powertrains, hydraulics and compressors – Interface Performance Materials are experts in a wide array of end uses. We apply this knowledge to guide world-class customers in evaluating and specifying the optimal gasket material, gaskets and complete solutions for their application. We value the importance of quality, so all of our processes and products are audited and comply with the standards of leading customer programs worldwide. That’s why OEMs and fabricators count on us for solutions that are tailored to their needs — and that create competitive advantages.


Maintain transmission fluid under pressure with high-performance sealing solutions for a wide range of transmission applications.

Engines and Powertrains

Find the optimal sealing material for head gaskets, bolted joints, axles and diesel oil pans... and many more.

Hydraulics and Compressors

Get reliable case-to-case sealing solutions for bolt-on compressors and pumps.