Case Study

Oil Filter Adapter: Select-a-Seal Durability and Robustness

Rubber Edged Metal (REM)


A study of an edge-molded Vamac® aluminum gasket for an oil filter adapter yielded very consistent performance across widely varying joint configurations, indicating good design robustness. Flange thickness and material of construction, as well as bolt torque were varied. All gaskets developed leaks between 800 and 900 hours in thermal cycling tests.



The Select-a-Seal® gasket also exhibited good design robustness, but out-performed the Vamac® part in terms of durability. All gaskets remained sealed until test termination at 2,000 hours, demonstrating both durability and robustness. This, combined with significant piece price savings, affords the user a high value sealing solution.

Test Cycle:

-40°C to 150°C Continuous Cycle, 4 hours total (6 complete cycles per day) 50 psi continuous oil pressure, static charge — non-circulating



  • Lower warranty claims
  • Eliminate field complaints
  • Improve customer satisfaction