Each member of our team takes your success personally — building on 100 years of meeting our customers' most pressing challenges to create your solution today.

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    Every sealing solution, thermal management system, and specialty product is engineered with performance that endures.

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    Your project has its own unique demands — which is why our global experience with a diverse range of applications can meet your needs.

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Performance Advancements

We are continually working to develop superior solutions using a wide range of sealing, thermal, and specialty materials to achieve our customers' goals. Here are some noteworthy developments.


Engineering Expertise

To provide expert engineering of existing materials and develop new solutions for future needs, we combine the world-class resources of our Product Engineering, New Product Development, Process Engineering and Capital Project groups. These combined resources work together with your team to ensure production efficiencies, achieve cost reduction and make performance improvements for successful applications.

Technical Capabilities

  1. Define Your Needs

    Our team works as a collaborative partner with yours to define the parameters you need to succeed.

  2. Material Selection

    Our insights into applications and material properties ensure the proper selection is made.

  3. Predictive Modeling

    Using finite element analysis gives a clear picture to predict the solution's success.

  4. Design Output and Verification

    Advanced modeling is used to confirm performance.

  5. Application Testing

    Real-world testing ensures successful application for your project.


Materials Portfolio

Sealing Solutions

For applications requiring optimal sealing solutions, you can count on over 100 years of product innovation and advanced engineering experience for robust solutions that meet or exceed global OEM requirements.

Thermal Management

Meet demanding temperature and packaging requirements with environmentally responsible materials specifically designed to shield and dissipate heat.

Electrical Barrier

Materials for electrical barriers are available with the dielectric strength, flame retardance, formability, thermal aging, moisture resistance and mechanical properties suitable for your application.

Specialty Materials

To meet the requirements of diverse applications in existing and emerging markets, our materials science experts can innovate a solution to ensure your success.



Protecting the environment is important to our organization. That's why we have a strong, corporate-wide commitment to sustainability. Our processes and our products are designed to help reduce pollution, recycle waste and use renewable materials. And our continual improvement process ensures that the environment, our customers and the community will realize those benefits for generations.

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    100% Asbestos Free

    100% Solvent Free

    Entire product portfolio is non-asbestos and contains no solvents.

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    Water Use

    Our water-based manufacturing plants are committed to providing cleaner water, meeting or exceeding all clean-water discharge standards.

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    Many products use 100% recycled fibers and up to 30% recycled content providing a more environmentally sustainable material solution.